Game Face On


It has been a fantastic Easter holiday. I visited a spa with a friend. I spent a few days away with my wonderful husband in London town, enjoying the sights and eating an abundance of delicious food. I’ve caught up with friends and family. Spent quality time with my children. Hunted for Easter eggs galore and successfully potty trained my toddler (that part could be an entire blog post in itself!) I feel fresh, rested, more energetic, enthusiastic and hopeful albeit slightly curvier- well there had to be some consequences for all that indulging and lack of stress.
Tomorrow it is back to work and I’ve decided I need a game plan. I start each term anew full of excitement for a new topic, eager to get back and hear what the kids have been up to over the holidays. However by the end of term I am often ill and tired, my pool of patience begins to dry up. I have to say though it is not normally my work that suffers. Ok my desk might not be quite as tidy by the end of term and I might look a little dark under the eyes but I still move at the same pace, still teach with the same enthusiasm, still attend to the needs of each child tirelessly. It is at home the strain begins to show. Dinners aren’t organised so we get takeaway; I’m too tired in the evening to tidy up so it’s still a mess come morning; I don’t feel like taking the kids to the park, let’s sit and watch a film instead. Work gets the best of me, it’s sad to say. By the end of term there is little energy left for much else.
This is a long term. It’s a SATS term. I am going to need to pace myself. This is a marathon. I need to prepare. I am determined to finish this term well, happy, and jog my way across the May Half term finish line. I refuse to slam into another holiday collapsing across the finish line, spending a week of my holiday putting myself back together again.
It is all about pace and planning. So here is my plan…. eat well, sleep well, breathe well, move well. I’ll expand. I get tired in the evenings so I don’t get organised, which means lunch is made in a hurry the next morning or not at all. If I’m hungry I can’t concentrate or I snack on the mountain of Staff room cakes. Sugar lowers your immune system and gives you a sugar high and then a crash (yes I know it’s also delicious, but I’m trying to stay focussed, so shhh!) So my theory is, get organised the night before- stay slim, stay well!
Sleep well… that’s a tricky one. Getting enough sleep when you have two little ones and you need to be up from 6a.m is essential so my plan is go to bed early! I know, I’m wild! It’s not just about going to bed early though it’s about making sure you get quality sleep when you are there. So after 9p.m. no technology (which means I really need to hurry up and finish this post!) I plan to meditate or take a bath, read a book or write my diary. I will clear my mind and relax my body before bed time. Sorry friends, don’t bother trying to Whatsapp me I won’t pick it up until tomorrow!
Breathe well… this is so important, and a great thing to share with the children in the class. Meditation encourages deep calming breaths and this will be an essential tool to carry with me through this term. Deep breaths in the car on the way to school, deep breaths when approached by a tricky parent on the playground, deep breaths when your lesson plan goes out the window due to a break time sqaubble, deep breaths when you write the wrong date in a letter to parents, deep breaths when swimming lessons means you lose half your class, deep breaths when the photocopier breaks, the server is down, there’s a ladder in your tights!
Move well… this is the trickiest for me. I work half the week and have two children under 4 the rest of the time. One could say I’m always moving. I’m on my feet all day at work, running round like a headless chicken and running after or lifting two rambunctious boys the rest of the time. I am moving but not moving well. This isn’t moving mindfully, aware of my body. I’m not building muscle. I’m not increasing my heart rate. I know I feel so much better when I do. So in order to maintain my energy this term I need to expend a bit more energy in the right direction. Besides, I have a gym membership, so I really should go and get my monies worth at some point… and they have a hot tub!
I have spent today food shopping, cooking, cleaning and organising. Packed lunches are made, nursery bags are packed, beds are fresh, fridge is stocked, books are marked, USB is bulging, outfit has been picked and the tank is full of petrol.
Bring it on term 5 I’m ready for you!!!
Hmmmm, let’s see how long I last…



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