My Precious Pirate Treasures


There’s treasure in my classroom.
It’s precious and it’s rare
The kind that Pirates travelling
Would fight for anywhere.

I have to keep the treasure safe:
polished, bright and gleaming.
I’m simply the custodian,
of the gems of which I’m speaking.

My treasures are worth protecting
Because, as soon you’ll have seen,
the power deep within each one
is unique and rare and keen

Diamond sparkles brightly
(he’s working by himself)
He knows the solutions out there,
he won’t sit there on the shelf.

Emerald is forever,
there will be no defeat here.
Have courage, be brave, just carry on.
She will always persevere.

Ruby is full of kindness,
She will help you when she can:
With open arms, a cheerful smile,
She’ll be your biggest fan

Sapphire stays in focus,
her blue eyes shining wide.
She will not be distracted
from the ever nearing tide

Amethyst, like Gemini
Likes doing things together.
A learning twin, another mind
Thoughts multiply forever.

Topaz likes to learn in groups
take turns and share ideas:
he knows that in a team of course
he has nothing left to fear.

These precious gems I hold in my hand
are rare, sparkle and shine.
I’m proud to be watching over them
I’m honoured that they’re mine.

Inspired by  The Tom Robson Gem Project