My Precious Pirate Treasures


There’s treasure in my classroom.
It’s precious and it’s rare
The kind that Pirates travelling
Would fight for anywhere.

I have to keep the treasure safe:
polished, bright and gleaming.
I’m simply the custodian,
of the gems of which I’m speaking.

My treasures are worth protecting
Because, as soon you’ll have seen,
the power deep within each one
is unique and rare and keen

Diamond sparkles brightly
(he’s working by himself)
He knows the solutions out there,
he won’t sit there on the shelf.

Emerald is forever,
there will be no defeat here.
Have courage, be brave, just carry on.
She will always persevere.

Ruby is full of kindness,
She will help you when she can:
With open arms, a cheerful smile,
She’ll be your biggest fan

Sapphire stays in focus,
her blue eyes shining wide.
She will not be distracted
from the ever nearing tide

Amethyst, like Gemini
Likes doing things together.
A learning twin, another mind
Thoughts multiply forever.

Topaz likes to learn in groups
take turns and share ideas:
he knows that in a team of course
he has nothing left to fear.

These precious gems I hold in my hand
are rare, sparkle and shine.
I’m proud to be watching over them
I’m honoured that they’re mine.

Inspired by  The Tom Robson Gem Project



Learning to Blog-hopefully!

So, it turns out that starting up a blog is harder to do than I thought!! The world needs more positivity, thought I. I have a happy voice that needs to be heard, thought I. Getting it up and running is another thing… Now there is something you must know about me. I am crap with computers. Hmmmm, I know, not a great start for someone who wants to start a Blog!

During ICT classes at school I was the one who constantly had my hand up. I am the girl who keeps the same phone until it completely dies: trying to learn what all the buttons do on a new one is a long and confusing process. At school our Tech Support Officer rolls her eyes when she sees me walk in the room, as no doubt something, mysterious, unexpected and unexplained has happened to my work, files, laptop etc. I am also the girl who placed her laptop on top of her car and drove off only to see it fly off into the road in my rear view mirror while driving at 40mph!!

So to say I am computer savvy, even computer literate would be a big overstatement!! Yet here I am trying to navigate the seas of the Blogosphere (yes, that’s a new word I learned yesterday) to try and bring Love back to the classroom, Hope back to the Staff Room and Positivity back to the Profession.

Today I have been spending time researching Blogging Platforms. I have no idea which ones meet my needs as a writer, or will be most accessible for people to read. I have no idea how to write links, attachments or inserts. I don’t really understand what a Strapline is, or a Tagline; or are they the same thing?! I have never been on Twitter, Tweeted or Twittered in my life, and can’t help but think of Mary Poppins when I do (sounds like a fabulous way to clean a nursery!)

I am hoping that it will all become clear to me as I persevere along this journey…

Learning to Love Again

Photo by Brian A Jackson/ Getty Images

I have been teaching in one capacity or another for the past ten years. It was not something I grew up with a passion for. It is not something that I felt called to do. I fell into teaching. I didn’t mean to be a teacher. I didn’t actually particularly want to be a teacher to begin with. But like with any great love sometimes it chooses you, you don’t choose it.

I fell in love with teaching. I loved the fact that each day was different. That I learned as much each day as I taught. I got to use all of my skills and talents to inspire, motivate and instruct. I got to have fun. I could create, design, invent and all the time broadening horizons and bursting wide opportunities for my students.

I loved the fact that each day I woke up happy to work. I looked forward to going in and seeing those little faces and I could sleep at night knowing I was making a difference. I know that sounds cheesy, but teachers certainly don’t love the job for the pay or the thanks!

This year has been the first year that I have begun to drag myself out of bed. I’m angry about my work. I have come home feeling deflated, confused and anxious. The New Curriculum has meant I have had to push children even further than before to reach evermore seemingly unobtainable objectives. The goal posts have moved and moved again. My teaching has become increasingly test driven, test orientated, and the creative and balanced curriculum I once thrived upon has been squeezed and squished into the corners of the term. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about other ways to get SPAG objectives into lessons. I wake up worrying that I am crushing spirits and creating robots.

I have moaned. I have complained. I considered quitting- on several occasion. But what else could I do? What else would I want to do? What I want to do is feel like I’m inspiring my pupils. Building their confidence and watching their talents grow. Helping them discover the amazing qualities that make them unique. I want to reflect upon each day and think that I have done my best, been the best teacher that I can be. I want to Love it again!!!

It’s the end of half term and I have read article after article of teacher rants, Union complaints, group chat tirades about the assessment system this year and the lunacy of the New Curriculum. I could join the debate, I could fuel the debate or I can accept that ultimately I have little power to change the process, change the tests, change the curriculum. However, I can change my attitude. I can refocus on the children, not the tests. I can look to squeeze creativity, wonder and fun into each day and focus on our successes and our dramas. The children’s stories.

Too many teachers, great teachers, are completely fed up. We need to look again. I hope with this blog I will learn to Love the job I never wanted to do, but never want to leave.